4,5,6, Inch Heels? Do you Men Know how it Feels?

The cost of beauty is truly indeed pain. For my final project I have decided to interview men and women of different ages and different cultures about high heels. The basis for my project is why do women wear high heels? What is the highest heel you prefer to wear? How do heels make you feel? Do you think men can last in a pair of high heels? Also asking men what are their perspectives on high heels and can they last in a pair of heels if the roles were to switch. Personally I love high heels! My preferred heel height is 5 inches and above even though I’m already tall I still love it. Heels make me feel sexy and in control. The funny thing is I spend all this money on high heels and I can’t even last half the night with them on! The media plays a big role when it comes to high heels. We see celebrities wearing high heels while their shopping, performing, and even just taking a walk in the park. We wonder how they do it and look so comfortable but even celebrities have a little slip up here n there Whoopsssss!!!

I am about 5'9 and I love to wear high heels. The highest heel I prefer to wear is 5 inches or higher. I know why would I wear such a high heel and I’m already tall lol but I love heels! I could last about 1 hour in a pair of heels before my feet start killing me thank god for flats; I always bring a pair of flats in my purse when I go out. I have no idea why I torture myself but I feel sexy while I’m torturing myself, what an oxymoron!! The interviews that follow are about 1-2 min each. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Oh and you will hear some laughter going on in the background with the two experiments with the men participants. Unfortunately the YouTube clip itself would not load onto the blog for some weird reason, so you just click on the link and the youtube clip will open up.

Mark experiment
Video 7 with Mark before experiment
Video 8 me introducing Mark's experiment
Video 9 Marks experiment
Video 10 Marks reaction after experiment

Lenny experiment
Video 10 Lennys experiment(alot of laughter please excuse)
Video 11 Lennys reaction after experiment

I really had a blast doing my final project especially with the two men who did the experiment thank you guys once again for participating. Through this experiment I have learned that the older you get the more you are less likely to wear heels. I used different ages and ethnicities to get a variety of outcomes for this project. The younger group would wear heels to go out to a lounge or to hang out. The older group would rather flats or sneakers. Heels are just for show, to present that beautified sexy look when in reality we are really hurting inside. Only one of the female participants can last a couple of hours compared to the other 4 female participants. Two out of the four participants would rather wear flats or sneakers to go out! Shocker! But these participants are a little older than the participants who choose to wear heels so they are thinking about being comfortable more than anything else.

Now to the men participants. The men participants gave a little more detailed interview about why they want their women to wear heels. Sexy is the key word. I found it so amazing that they think wearing heels is sexy but have no idea about the pain that comes with it. Even when one participant stated “if we could cook in heels that would be perfect”. Isn’t that a fantasy! The men feel heels are feminine and sexy. So do flats mean women are not sexy? Men can wear sneakers or shoes and be comfortable all day and all night, not worrying about falling or their feet hurting them. The participants Mark and Lenny have never worn a pair of heels before this was their first time. For two men who haven’t wore heels before they did a pretty good job even though the shoes were ruined after lol but it’s ok. I found it quite hilarious how fast they wanted to take the heels off they couldn’t last more than 2 min! Imagine if they had to do it for hours or even an hour. Men have no idea what it feels to be a woman and the pressure society has put on us to be what they call sexy. Whether it’s our hair always being done, to our manicured nails, to the shoes we wear it’s not an easy job being a woman and being sexy. I am truly glad these men have agreed to do this experiment because now they shared a part of what women have to go through. Now I am pretty sure they have a better respect for women who they see wearing heels and know it’s not an easy job.

In conclusion I still don’t know why I continuously spend money on high heels and cant last more than an hour without starting to feel pain. I can barely enjoy my night out most of the time because my feet are in pain but I highly refuse to wear flats when going to a party. It is seen as not lady like to wear flats to a party and don’t you dare take off your heels that is just despicable. I guess some women are willing to suffer the consequences and have their feet hurting them then to be criticized I know I am guilty of being one of them. Now that these men have experienced wearing heels maybe they won’t criticize women who wear flats as much and understand why they wear flats. Are heels always going to be chosen over flats in this society especially in New York City? Yes. The media with the help of celebrities has a brainwashing method that heels are sexy and anything less is unheard of. This is why celebrities kill themselves to wear heels no matter what they are doing which is kind of ridiculous. I can’t go shopping in heels it would take me forever to do my shopping. Will I ever grow out of wearing heels yes maybe one day but for now I bare with the pain because beauty is pain! Ouch!


  1. I most say beauty does hurt in deed ! I love heels I go out dancing with them all the time and for most part its also because im only 5'2 and they make me look taller.. Many women including myself have portrayed heels as a sexy trend. With the style of the shows from the height of the heel man just love to see women in a pair of heels.. but the negative parts of it being so sexy is that some man take in into different context especially when a girl is walking down the street in a pair of pumps, man just cant keep their trashy comments to themselves.. But I just try to ignore that symbolism and wear it for me even though in the long run as proven medically it can affect your feet, knees and back badly.

  2. This was hilarious and such a great project. I am so happy that you did this, men literally have no idea what we do to 'look good.' Great work!!

  3. I think this project is genius!!! Guys usually only look and drool over the way females look in heels and think it is a plus especially if they wear it when we go out, but they never understand our pain!! I have heels ranging from 3-6 inches and the higher they get the more my feet hurt and I already have scars on my ankles from them. I love how you wanted to show guys our pain!


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