final instructions for turning in your final projects

The University has scheduled your final exam for Tuesday, May 21 between 7:30 - 9:30 pm. We do NOT have a final exam for this class. Instead, your semester projects are due on Tuesday, May 21, by 9:30pm.

Many of your projects are digital projects in the form of blogs, videos, etc. As such, many of you have already shared these projects with me and the class.

Many of you are still finalizing your projects. Some of your projects are prezi presentations, ppt presentations, videos, photography projects. If you wish to share the project with the entire class, you may upload your project to our shared folder called sxg Final Projects folder in Google Docs (requires log in). Examples of files that can be shared include, photos, videos, final papers, etc.

If you do NOT want the entire class to see your project, please send it directly to me via email (but this should be the case only for VERY sensitive information-- theoretically, the entire class should be able to view your project).

Please keep two things in mind:
  1. If your videos, presentations, etc. are private, please be sure to let me know what the password is so that I may view it.
  2. If your project is not self-explanatory, you should make some kind of blog post about your project, why you chose to do this project, what you found after completing the project, etc. (remember to label your blog post "Final Project Post")
Please let me know if you have additional questions. I will NOT grade any assignments until after the due date.

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