Welcome to the class blog for Professor Pok's Sex and Gender class.

Here's the course information:
Sex and Gender Roles (SOC257-51)
Tues/Thurs, 8:25PM - 9:40PM
HW 424
Main textbook:
Margaret L. Anderson, Patricia Hill Collins. Race, Class, & Gender - An Anthology, Wadsworth Publishing Company. (ISBN: 978111130946), 8th edition.

Verta Taylor, Nancy Whittier, Leila J. Rupp.  Feminist Frontiers, McGraw Hill. (ISBN: 0078026628 or ISBN-13: 9780078026628), 7th edition.

You should be able to find this book for relatively little. However, most of the readings from this book will also be provided.

This message will likely be revised once we meet for the first time. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact me at professorpok@gmail.com.

*** If the semester has not yet started, please do NOT make individual requests to share documents and files. If you're comfortable working in Google Docs and Google Groups, please sign up for our discussion group hosted on Google Groups. Once your request has been approved, you will automatically have access to our docs. If all of this makes no sense whatsoever to you, don't worry, I'll explain once the semester begins.

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